Monday 22 April 2013

World Heritage Day Ride on the Mount Road 2013

In commemoration of the World Heritage Day which was on 18th April Cycling Yogis organised an Heritage ride of Mount Road on 21st April 2013. As the name suggest Mount Road is itself synonymous with British India, the road starts near Fort St George and reaches St. Thomas Mount running past some historic landmarks of which only a few have withstood the times, barring the sudden spell of showers early in the morning which caused delayed start a group of 20 cyclist started from Munro Statue at 5.30 am and rode past Mount Road visiting the Heritage Buildings of 
The Mail 
P.Orr & Sons 
The Trio called Christ Church, Suguna Vilas Sabha (SVS Club),Cosmopolitan Club, 
Dargha of Sufi Saint Syed Moosa Sha Khaderi (17th Century),
Heritage Building of Bharath Insurance 
Heritage Buildings of Agurchand Mansion
Cuddon / Gove Building 
Riding across Saidapet we reached the King Institute of Preventive Medicine Guindy where a small interactive session with refreshments and photo shoot was organised, 
The grand finale was the climb to St.Thomas Mount and finish at the top of the hill by around 8.00 am.
King Institute, Guindy