Thursday 31 August 2017

"Madras by Cycle" 40 Cycling Trails in and around Chennai - Booklet Release

After publishing "Cycling in Madras" Booklet in 2016, it was the occasion for release of "Madras by Cycle" Booklet covering 40 Cycling Trails in and around the city with QR Codes containing GPS Coordinates. The booklet is an attempt towards cultural mapping of cycling trails and an amalgamation of information about built and natural heritage found in the city and its thereabouts. The booklet was released on Saturday, 5th August 2017 by Ms. Saraswathi Rajamani, Inteligence Service, INA (Indian National Army) and the first copy was received by Dr. Sylendra Babu IPS, ADGP & Inspector General of Prisons, Mr.Sharath Nambiar COO - Dakshinachitra collected the second copy of the booklet followed by the other guests. The Booklet launch was held in Madras Literary Society (MLS) Nungambakkam one of the oldest existing libraries in India.

"Madras by Cycle" Booklet Release by Ms.Saraswathi Rajamani INA 

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