Monday 28 December 2020

North Chennai Bicycle Trails Book Launch

Saturday, 22nd August 2020

The love of books is among the choicest gifts of the gods. Fifth in the series of our Publications was the North Chennai Bicycle Trails Book. Sandwiched between the rich past and rapid development in the recent times, North Chennai is a city within itself, be it the social history, remaining heritage, street food or local music. These and much more make this region unique from the other parts of Chennai. For a better understanding of Madras City and its people, a visit to North Chennai is mandatory.

The Book is an attempt to map the remaining relics, natural and built heritage, and review the recent past of this region. It envisages to clear general misconceptions on North Chennai and highlight its historical and strategic significance. Seeing is believing. Being a melting pot of diverse communities, North Chennai still has a vibrant culture thriving on local traditions which are showcased in the form of lifestyle, food, music and festivities. Alongside the region also faces some noticeable concerns from the ecological perspective.

While every attempt has been made to document the layers of history, work on the book which commenced in May 2019 through weekend explorations was cut short in March 2020 due to nationwide lockdown courtesy Covid-19. As providence will have it, majority of the places in the 20 Trails were covered before the lockdown was put in place. Hence we decided to go ahead with the publication of the book.

The book was published on 22nd August 2020 as part of Madras Week Celebration. Due to the Covid 19 situation it was an online affair. The Book was released online by Sriram V, a reputed historian of Chennai, while the first copy was received by Ennarasu Karunesan, Former CEO Adani Ports at Probikers OMR the venue for the book launch. 

Historian Sriram V releasing the Book

Book Launch @ Probikers OMR

Featured in 'The Hindu Metroplus'